Our youngest Mathematicians!

Leon has been wowing Mrs Garden in Nursery this week with the connections he has been making:

Leon and some friends were enjoying playing with the Unifix cubes and plastic rings, making up a game. They all had to place some cubes into the rings without looking, then say how many they could see.
Leon notices, ‘3 and 3 there…..6’
He sorts them into three colours.
‘Sami got the most!’ Leon then notices.
I reply, ‘Yes he has got more than you. I wonder if you can help him to count them?’
Leon quickly notices 3 and 3 then groups the other 3 cubes in the ring and says, ‘I know 9!’
I watch carefully and then ask, ‘Did you just add one more?’
‘Yep’ Leon proudly replies, ‘one more is 10….. I wanted 10!’

Amazing mathematical thinking Leon!

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