Our youngest Mathematicians!

Leon has been wowing Mrs Garden in Nursery this week with the connections he has been making:

Leon and some friends were enjoying playing with the Unifix cubes and plastic rings, making up a game. They all had to place some cubes into the rings without looking, then say how many they could see.
Leon notices, ‘3 and 3 there…..6’
He sorts them into three colours.
‘Sami got the most!’ Leon then notices.
I reply, ‘Yes he has got more than you. I wonder if you can help him to count them?’
Leon quickly notices 3 and 3 then groups the other 3 cubes in the ring and says, ‘I know 9!’
I watch carefully and then ask, ‘Did you just add one more?’
‘Yep’ Leon proudly replies, ‘one more is 10….. I wanted 10!’

Amazing mathematical thinking Leon!

Maths in the Early Years

It was our first week exploring with Base 10 in the Reception classes this week as we moved to building numbers beyond 10. We are really getting the hang of the repeated patterns and the partitioning of 10 and __ .

We’ve been practising our numbers 1-10 in Chinese!

HFL Maths Challenge

Some of our strongest Mathematicians have been taking part in the Year 5 and 4 HFL Maths Challenges recently. We have enjoyed getting stuck into a range of geometry, shape, estimation and calculation problems. We have also spent time working on our team-work skills and collaboration!

Another very busy Maths Games night!

The children had a challenge to tackle at Maths Games night this evening. Could they complete 5 activities to earn themselves a certificate? The children were amazingly dedicated to the task and wanted to try everything! Well done adults for keeping up with your children’s energy!

Lots of measuring, number tracks, skittles, big board games, dominoes, doubling bingo, comparing cube quantities, comparing mass, reading stories for Maths!

Hands on in Reception Maths!

We’ve been very busy in our first 8 weeks in Reception consolidating some of our early number work we may have learnt at Nursery and taking our subitising and pattern spotting into all of our areas of provision! Here’s just a tiny snapshot into what we’ve been up to!

Games of dominoes to practise our number recognition.

Jonathan working on his snakes and ladders game – writing the digits all the way to 43!

Outdoor pattern exploration!