Live Talk – The Power of Maths

Live Talk – The Power of Maths

Time – Thursday 4th February, 10am – 10:20am

This talk will be delivered by business professionals to show pupils the benefits of developing Maths skills now and for their future employment. To join, copy and paste the below link below. If you do not have Microsoft Teams installed, click continue with internet browser.

Mr Kay

Roman Numeral Jokes!

In Maths, many of us write the date in Roman Numerals to practise… But what are our favourite Roman Numeral jokes? Read them carefully and see if you can understand them!

Check out our favourite Roman Jokes below!
  1. There are II types of people in the world. Those who understand Roman numerals, and those who do not.
  2. I struggle with Roman Numerals until I get to 159, then it CLIX.
  3. I, for one, quite like Roman Numerals.
  4. I ‘excel’ at saying 39 in Roman Numerals(IXL)
  5. Roman Numerals. What are they good ‘IV’?

Q: Why can’t a pirate count Roman numerals?
A: They got lost at ‘C’.

A big thanks to Mr Magnall for these!

Mr Kay

Geometry Games

Hi everyone,

One of our targets as a school is to get even better at Geometry, which you will know as learning all about shapes, angles and lines.

  1. Copy and paste the link below into a new tab.
  2. Scroll to the bottom.
  3. Enjoy the Geometry Games.
  4. Leave a comment below!

Have you enjoyed these games?

Which ones are the best so I can recommend them to other teachers and children?

Mr Kay


I am currently making up lots of fun Maths games for you to play at home, which will help with your times tables and more. Here’s one Mr Ash and I had a go at based on the well-known game ‘Connect 4’.

You will be able to download these very soon – I will keep you updated!

Mr Kay