Year 4 Cuisenaire rod exploration

Before beginning our Fractions unit for Year 4 we have been exploring the relationships between different Cuisenaire rods. It was really interesting to hear lots of the Maths talk around the room ‘This one is equal to two of the green rods.’. ‘I notice they all equal the same amount when you put them together.’

This was really useful to get children thinking about fractions as equal units and the concept of wholes of different sizes.

Night light creation!

In Year 4 we have been creating night lights today as our D&T of this half term. We did some product research; considered our target audience and designed our prototypes. We then gathered our resources and got stuck in with feathers, beads, paper, card and paint!

Year 1 Maths Games workshop

Yesterday evening 12 children and their adults joined us to play some Maths games and have a cup of tea! We loved playing the hoop game, rolling long play dough sausages, drawing 10 lovely things and representing numbers in different ways. Maths at home doesn’t have to be tricky, boring or on worksheets!

AimHigher Maths Day

4 of our Year 4 children spent the day at Ireland Wood Primary on Thursday working on their ‘Maths Magic’. With a focus on efficiency they were working on the quickest ways to get to the answer along with lots of puzzles and magic games. The children had a fantastic day and a big thank you to Mrs Howard for going with them!