Jacob’s Rocking the Stats

Jacob’s recent TT Rockstars Stats

Mrs Lunt has been closely monitoring Jacob’s progress on TT Rockstars this week, where he has managed to conquer answering over 80 questions in a minute… That’s under a second per question! I know Miss Wright is super proud too!

Well done,

Mr Kay

Super Sophia!

I have been so proud of Sophia’s recent times tables progress.

Her TT Rockstars sessions this week really demonstrate this – she has 505 correct answers already and answers each question in an average time of under 3 seconds.

Well done Sophia!

Mr Kay

Eve’s Maths

Eve has really impressed me this week with her unbelievable effort in the online Maths lessons I set at the beginning of the week.

We all know Eve is both a fantastic writer and reader. However, even Eve will admit that Maths hasn’t always been her FAVOURITE subject in the past! Despite this, she has soldiered on and amazed me with her dedication to her Maths learning recently – you should be very pleased with yourself Eve!

Keep up the great work 🙂

Mr Kay

Speedy Haroon on TT Rockstars!

Well done to Haroon in Miss Mason and Mr Spinks class for getting his TT Rockstars speed to 0.78! That’s under one second! Can you beat his time?

0.78 is a decimal number and isn’t quite a whole…

Does anyone know what 0.78 is as a percentage?

How about 0.78 as a fraction?

Mr Kay