ITP Symmetry

Children of Year 4, I heard that you are learning all about symmetry, so I thought I would share one of my favourite resources that helped me develop my understanding further.

It’s called ‘ITP Symmetry’, use the link below:

What do you think Year 4?

Leave me a comment and keep up the great learning,

Mr Kay

Neo and Asaya’s ACE MATHS!

Neo and Asaya in 4T have been working really hard in their own time to focus on their Maths targets. 

Neo is using hit the button to improve on his number bonds to 10 and 20. He was getting 7 in a minute and is now getting 40!

Asaya has used times table flash cards and has been jamming to learn her sixes which she now knows more confidently. 

Well done Neo and Asaya

Live Talk – The Power of Maths

Live Talk – The Power of Maths

Time – Thursday 4th February, 10am – 10:20am

This talk will be delivered by business professionals to show pupils the benefits of developing Maths skills now and for their future employment. To join, copy and paste the below link below. If you do not have Microsoft Teams installed, click continue with internet browser.

Mr Kay

Roman Numeral Jokes!

In Maths, many of us write the date in Roman Numerals to practise… But what are our favourite Roman Numeral jokes? Read them carefully and see if you can understand them!

Check out our favourite Roman Jokes below!
  1. There are II types of people in the world. Those who understand Roman numerals, and those who do not.
  2. I struggle with Roman Numerals until I get to 159, then it CLIX.
  3. I, for one, quite like Roman Numerals.
  4. I ‘excel’ at saying 39 in Roman Numerals(IXL)
  5. Roman Numerals. What are they good ‘IV’?

Q: Why can’t a pirate count Roman numerals?
A: They got lost at ‘C’.

A big thanks to Mr Magnall for these!

Mr Kay