Geometry Games

Hi everyone,

One of our targets as a school is to get even better at Geometry, which you will know as learning all about shapes, angles and lines.

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  3. Enjoy the Geometry Games.
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Have you enjoyed these games?

Which ones are the best so I can recommend them to other teachers and children?

Mr Kay


I am currently making up lots of fun Maths games for you to play at home, which will help with your times tables and more. Here’s one Mr Ash and I had a go at based on the well-known game ‘Connect 4’.

You will be able to download these very soon – I will keep you updated!

Mr Kay


Year 4SM have been putting the effort into their times tables – just look at their recent sessions:

30/30 completed their sessions last week, with 45 average games played per player. Overall, they had 91% accuracy.

Not bad at all! Well done Year 4.

Mr Kay

Year 6 Decimal Treasure Hunt

As part of ‘No Pens Wednesday’, children in Year 6 put their learning to the test by completing a decimal treasure hunt. Everyone had to remember words such as: numerator, denominator, equivalent and simplify.

Next, we shall turn our attention to learning all about measurements!

Year 6

Times Tables Rock Stars: MATHS WEEK!

Beginning tomorrow, you will all be able to compete against children from across the country in a national TT Rockstars competition!

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When: 9th – 14th November, 07:30 – 19:30 daily.
How: Login and play ANY game type.

Does it matter which times tables I am working on?
…NO! All are scored equally.

How do I score points?
…You earn points for every correct answer you give.

What if I make a mistake, will that mark my score down? Should I quit the game?
…NO! Mistakes will help you learn your times tables. It does not matter if you get some questions wrong, these will not affect your score.

Can I win prizes?
…YES! TT Rockstars are giving out prizes.

Good luck everyone,

Mr Kay

6H Maths Morning

Children in Miss Hall’s class enjoyed two challenges during their Autumn Maths Morning: creating their very own football squad and designing a theme park.

The challenges focused on understanding decimals, with children calculating the costs of their team or park by adding up amounts of money. Children worked with numbers up to 10 000 during the tasks, and had strict budgets to stick to.

Well done 6H,

Mr Kay

4T Maths Morning

Mrs Turney shared with how incredible 4T’s Maths Morning was today, she said “We had great fun this morning recapping our learning from this half term. We looked at crossing number boundaries, rounding to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000 and Roman numerals! It’s clear to see we definitely love maths in 4T!”

Year 4 had an mazing Maths Morning!

Please leave them a comment on their class blog:

Well done Year 4!

Mr Kay