We are challenging you to compete in a BATTLE OF THE BANDS competition!

You will be representing your class as you rock your way to success against other classes in your year group. The class that scores the most points wins!

Easter BATTLE OF THE BANDS competition

Earning points in a battle

  • Every correct answer in any game type is worth 1 point towards your team’s score. In other words, you can play in Garage, Rock Slam, Soundcheck, etc and earn 1 point per correct answer.
  • ? Don’t confuse Battle points with coins! Coins are separate. You still earn 10 coins per correct answer in the Garage, 5 per correct Soundcheck answer and 1 coin per correct answer everywhere else.

When can I play?

Starts: Friday 1st April at 3:10
Ends: Monday 18th April at 3:00

You can only play between 9am and 3pm each day.

There will be certificates for the highest scoring players – Good luck!

Reuben’s on a ‘Roll’!

Reuben used his Maths skills to bake some rolls a few weekends ago. He had to take the original quantities in the ingredient list and double them because of the number of people in his family. Reuben carefully measured the ingredients out, which were mainly measured in grams and ounces.

The rolls looked delicious – please do ask Reuben about these if you would like to take on this challenge yourself!

Year 2 Addition

Year 2 have been adding two-digit numbers where they have had to cross the tens barrier. They have used base ten and then began to use the column addition method. Children impressed their teachers by coming up with various different methods to represent their answers.

Maths Week KS1 Rock Stars!

2C – Jai, Celia, Bobby, Hashir, Nali, Iqra, Maria, Thembi, Azza, Ryaan, Aaliyah, Alice, Abi, Robert and Benjamin.
2S – Tiah, Aydin, Olivia, Amelia, Emilia, Maryam, Robin, Joey Junior,
2D – Dylan, Kit, Amber, Charlotte, Ariana, Zayyan
1C – Eden, Lincoln, Olivia, Isaac, Roham and Yuna
1M – Esme, Patryk, Seb, Amayra and Mason
1DT – Haris, William, Maisie, Sharanjeet and Eva

Well done everyone!

Maths Week KS2 Rock Stars!

Your Rockstars of the week!

6K – Eris and Thenuka
6A – Jake and Grace
5B – Egin and Ewan
5S – Niamh and Macy
5W – Menaya and Atheiro
4H – Jeffrey and Mohammed
4SH – Evie and Noah
4K – Andrew and Ario
3A – Olivia-Mae and Sukhmani
3L – Evelyn and Eseohe
3LA – Jack and Biel

KS1 winners to follow – Well done everyone!


Next week is Maths week and the theme will be ‘Maths Rocks’.

Years 2-6

Children will compete against others in their year group as well as across the country in an ‘England Rocks’ Time Tables Rockstars competition. There are Amazon prizes to be won, supplied by TT Rockstars.

We know that times tables practice stretches beyond the use of TT Rockstars. Make sure you make good use out of our ACE Times Tables board games throughout the week, which can easily be printed: http://allertonceprimary.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/16/2020/01/Ace-Times-Tables-Games.pdf

Year 1

Year 1 will be playing the very exciting ‘Numbots’ on the TT Rockstars platform, focusing on numbers bonds knowledge. There will be prizes for the children that have tried particularly hard, chosen by teachers. Children can login to Numbots using their TT Rockstars login details here: https://play.numbots.com/#/intro

Teacher’s ‘Rock Slam’

Some teachers will be battling it out against each other next week – keep an eye out for this!


Winning Sumdog competitions is becoming a bit of a tradition for our school – a huge well done to 5B for being crowned champions and to 4K as runners up of the Autumn Sumdog contest!

We also had two of our students top the individual leaderboards:

1st Place: Andrew T from 4K

2nd Place: Ewan F from 5B

Well done everyone!