10 thoughts on “Super Sophia!

  1. Look at you Sophia! Top of the leader board – I am so impressed!

    All your hard work is certainly paying off… you should be very proud of yourself!
    Well done!
    From Mrs P x

  2. Sophia! Did you go to sleep last Sunday and wake up a Maths superstar?? Amazing Maths work and I know you’ve really persevered with your Maths so it must feel even better to see that progress 😀 See you on Thursday! Miss H

  3. Well done Sophia! You must have been working so hard to complete all your units and top the leader board this week. Keep up all the fantastic work and effort.

    Mrs Lunt

  4. Wow – that is an amazing achievement Sophia! Great work!

    Well done to all of 6SK who are working hard at their tables too!

  5. Wow! Well done Sophia, it’s great to see all the effort you are putting into your maths work. I already knew that you were an extremely hard worker but it’s fantastic see you are continuing to be super, keep it up!

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