Oscar’s Maths Adventure!

Oscar, who is in Year 6, took the Maths Bear to Skipton Woods and Scarborough last week – WOW!

Oscar pushed his learning to the limit by working out average times, calories burned and even his scores in the arcade.

Thank you so much for this Oscar, I wonder what the Maths Bear will get up to next…

Mr Kay

2 thoughts on “Oscar’s Maths Adventure!

  1. Good embedded clause Mr Kay
    and here are a few of mine

    Nannette ,who is a huge fan of MJ, got to sing with him.
    Mr Kay ,who is the best teacher ever, gave me learner of the week.
    MJ , who is a great singer , has a super fa called Nannette

    Dele Alli , who plays for England ,made up a cool thing
    Thankyou for reading Bye

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