Maths Challenge 6: Estimating Angles!

Interactive Estimating Angles Game

Usually at this time of year, we turn our attention to Geometry. You’ll know Geometry as shapes and angles.

This game is always a class favourite in Year 6. It offers you an opportunity to improve your ability to estimate angles. You can either play on your own or challenge somebody else!

Here’s the link:

Let me know what you think!

Mr Kay

6 thoughts on “Maths Challenge 6: Estimating Angles!

  1. I think it was really fun estimating the angles of the shapes.
    I did 20 rounds,
    I scored 98 points,
    Average was 5.16 ( I don’t know what that means)

    • An average is adding all of your scores up and dividing them by how many scores there are. It’s also called the ‘mean’ in statistics 🙂

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