Meet the ACE Maths Team

Today we welcomed children to our ACE Maths Team:

We came up with these goals:

  • Maths will be exciting and fun.
  • Children will be enthusiastic and try their best.
  • Great examples of Maths will be rewarded in each year group.
  • Maths will continue out of the classroom (at home and in other real-life situations).

Here is what the team had to say:

“I’m Melika, my goal is to reward great Maths! I used to find Maths hard but I really enjoy it now.”

“I’m Singher, I enjoy Maths and I know I need to work hard so I can get a good job when I’m older. My goal is to persuade people to enjoy Maths so they have good jobs and a good future.”

“I’m Kevin and I used to hate Maths but now I love it! My goal is to spread my knowledge around children and different families.”

“I’m Guza and I enjoy doing Maths because it is so fun. I like helping people when they are stuck. I know that I need to work hard so I can get better.”

“I’m Nyiema, I’m in the ACE Maths Team. I enjoy Maths however, I still get confused and stuck sometimes, especially with fractions. I’m slowly getting better! My goal is for people to go for it and not to worry about what other people think.”

“I’m Grace and I’m part of the ACE Maths Team. Maths is one of my favourite subjects even though it is hard. My goal is to help people enjoy Maths.”

“My name us Ghaziyah, I want people to improve in Maths and reward them when they try hard. I want them also to try Maths in real life.”

“I am Ben and am part of the Maths Team. I find Maths hard, my aim is to get better. I like helping other people!”

“I’m Layal, I’m part of the Maths team. My goal is to make Maths fun. In the past I found Maths hard, but I have improved now.”

“I’m Nicole, I enjoy Maths however I was stuck a lot in Year 3. Now I don’t need as much help”.

Watch out for the Maths team around school!


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