Macy & Matilda’s Maths Bear Adventure!

Macy and Matilda both completed wonderful Maths home learning last week. They completed lots of activities and displayed their learning beautifully!








The girls spent ages looking for me (sorry!) to show off their brilliant work. They eventually found me and I was amazed by how busy they had been and the level of Maths they were doing.

Thanks for your hard work girls, keep it up!

Mr Kay

Oscar’s Maths Adventure!

Oscar, who is in Year 6, took the Maths Bear to Skipton Woods and Scarborough last week – WOW!

Oscar pushed his learning to the limit by working out average times, calories burned and even his scores in the arcade.

Thank you so much for this Oscar, I wonder what the Maths Bear will get up to next…

Mr Kay

BARVEMBER 2018 – Day 4

For question 1:

  1. Subtract 25 stickers away from Jess’ 80.
  2. Next, add them onto Liam’s 12.
  3. You then must find the difference between their totals to find out how many more stickers Jess has than Liam.

For Question 2:

Remember that after subtracting 85 from £2, you then have 5 parts. Each part represents one lolly… How will you find the cost of one lolly?

Mr Kay